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Syndicat Elipso 2024

To live a unique experience of bringing a horse to the top international level ridden by Sébastien Cavaillon, the idea of forming a union emerged. Indeed, the purchase of a promising horse and the journey to the top level requires a significant investment in equipment, veterinary care, farrier, competition and boarding commitments.


Thus the Elipso Paris 2024 syndicate was born with the purchase of Elipso de la Vigne jointly owned by 2 main owners in 2019 and the creation of a group of adventure participants (2019-2020) who benefit from shares horse without initial purchase but paying an affordable monthly financial "pension" or in kind (farrier, massage, osteopathic care, etc.). All participants are thus Elipso owners and can experience a great adventure.

We thank all the participants and wish the couple good performances. You will find in this gallery their evolution.