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The Trainee-riders

They are very important in the life of an equestrian property by their investment in the maintenance of the property and the daily work of the horses. Equi-Complet welcomes interns for a few months or longer as part of their training (DEJEPS, Groom International, Agricultural school, Business school ...). We thank them for their invaluable help and make every effort to help them progress in their personal career.

Our previous trainees have found a very good job upon completion of their training with us.

For example : one in a CSO 5 * stable in Switzerland, one at Ludwig Svennerstal, member of the Swedish eventing team.

Our very first trainee was hired by Philipp Dutton, member of the American eventing team.

Veterinarians : for top-level horses, veterinarians are essential coaches. They watch over the health and well-being of our athletes in order to monitor and anticipate any problems that could compromise their competition. Thus, Drs.Geoffrey D'Hugleville and Stéphane Lichan are always present and ensure regular monitoring of Equi-Complet horses. They also ensure the care of preparations for very large deadlines. Geoffrey D'Hugleville accompanied Sarah d'Argouges to the 5 stars competitions of Pau and Badminton.

Osteopath  : : equine osteopathy aims to increase and improve the amplitude and quality of the horse's movement. Back pain is very common in horses and fragile joints. The osteopath who ensures the well-being of Equi-Complet horses is Amandine d'Oléon.
Masseur : Martin Riand (Horse-Pro-Tech) takes care of the well-being of horses and participates in the preparation and recovery of competition tests..

Dentist : The dental technician is an essential partner of a stable because the maintenance of the dental table is essential for a good diet and the comfort of the horse's mouth. Annual leveling is required. Laurent Gourrier provides with great competence the dental follow-up of Equi-Complet horses

Farrier The farrier contributes to the balance of the horse's musculoskeletal system by intervening on its hoof. Besides the size of the hooves, the fitting of the horseshoes, he must also master silicones and resins for the comfort or the repair of certain feet at the end of cross-country races which are sometimes dreadful by the hardness of the soil. Raphael Giret uses all his talent to allow our horses to evolve in complete freedom, whatever the ground on which they are present.

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